Our Mission

The Adult Learning Center provides motivated adults with basic education, life-long learning opportunities and resources to transform their lives and contribute to their communities, in the spirit of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the principles of social justice.

About Us

The Adult Learning Center is a school for people looking to earn their GED or High School Equivalency Diploma. Our students come to the ALC seeking to improve their lives. They may have been shut out of better-paying work opportunities, denied promotions at their current jobs, or they may simply want more confidence in their ability to support their own children (or grandchildren) with their homework.

Most of our students express a desire to continue on to higher education at college or some type of specialized certification that will allow them to pursue a career that is both personally-fulfilling, and pays a true family-sustaining wage.


“I like coming back here. It feels like home. I love the tutors with all my heart. Truly, thank you.”

- Marvin, Alum


“The teachers and tutors are the best...they work with you, and are really engaged. I’m so glad I came here. It’s perfect for me.”

- Yvonne, Student


"I'm glad I can check that box now when it asks if I have my high school diploma!"

-Tenesha, Alum